Angelina Then, 50 Ultra Marathoner

 Angelina Then, 50 Ultra Marathoner

"Glad that I am still able to take part in long-distance running. If I had gone for surgery, I will not be able to do what i love most."

I have been a runner for 10 years and I fell in love with running Ultra distance in 2012, but while conquering distances, I gained a new companion - knee pain. This pain in my right knee had been bugging me for a few years and got worse after my HK Vibram 100 in 2015, eventually affecting my left knee as well. As an air stewardess, it was also painful pulling my heavy trolley bag down the steps in the airport.

It came to a point when I had to see the doctor. My MRI shown ‘sprain of MCL, extensive degenerate complex tear of the medial meniscus posterior horn and body segment’ and osteoarthritis and my doctor suggested surgery for my condition. He told me that I could never run long distance again after the surgery; the most I can do is 5km. It is hard for me to accept give up my passion... so I held back on this decision.

I started trying different kinds of treatment to ease my pain. TCM, deep tissue massages, acupuncture, and taking turmeric tabs and mussel tabs, but these gave me only temporary relief. I resort to taking painkillers, even when I knew of their side effects. It's like I have not much choice...I learned to manage my pain and made lots of changes to my training regime, I cut back loads of mileage, and I cross train with cycling.

Then, last November, ultra marathoner Lim Nghee Huat introduced Flexiseq Sport to me. Without hesitation, I started applying this gel on 25th November 2015, since Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) 2015 is just around the corner. On 6th December, surprisingly I enjoyed SCMS without much pain and I did better than the previous year.

Having experienced its effect, I continued to apply Flexiseq Sport. I then noticed carrying my heavy trolley bag down the steps became less painful. I can also squat to a much lower position. When I train, I can even do burpees, something that I had not been able to do for some time.

It’s been 4 months since I have used Flexiseq Sport, I do not have much issues with my knee pain now. I am happy that I can cut down on painkillers, not think about surgery for now, and continue to enjoy long distance running!

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Flexiseq Sport is an award-winning joint lubrication gel which contains NO PAINKILLER so you don't need to worry about side effects. It is also batch tested to be certified, free of WADA banned substance, so professional, semi competitive athletes can use it with a peace of mind.

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