FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下) - a breakthrough for osteoarthritis sufferers

Successfully fighting osteoarthritis means repairing and protecting against the damage it has caused. This is where FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下)'s advanced formulation comes in.

By safely and painlessly delivering microscopic spheres of bio-lubricants (called Sequessome Vesicles) deep into the joint, your sore, inflamed bones will enjoy flexible, fluid movement that they didn't have before.

How does FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下) work?

After applying to your skin, the nano-sized sequessomes in our water-based gel gently penetrate the skin. When they reach the synovial fluid in your joints, they line themselves along the cartilages, giving you a new lubrication layer between your bones. These microscopic spheres are similar to what your body produces naturally, meaning that you'll get relief and mobility, without having to use painkillers.

  • Relief in just 10 minutes
  • Safe and Drug free
  • Avoid stomach discomfort and other complications from taking oral pain or osteoarthritis medication

  • Clinically Proven
  • German Innovation
  • As effective as taking prescription painkillers

How to Apply

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下)

  • Apply twice daily to the affected joint. It is recommended that you apply FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下) in the morning and at night to skin that is clean and dry.

  • Use enough gel to cover the whole joint, For example, when treating the knee, we recommend using a gel length of around 7cm (roughly the length of a index finger).

  • It is important to allow FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下) to dry for 10mins. Do not rub.If drying time takes longer, just use a little less next time.

A year-long clinical trial and 6 million doses

  • Trying any new medical treatment can raise questions, but with FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下) you don't need to worry. Before launching, it was clinically trialled on 1,675 osteoarthritis suffers for periods of between 6 weeks and a whole year with great success.

  • And since we launched it in 2012, we've only had 5 reported cases of minor skin irritation, from over 6 MILLION DOSES. So you can be assured that FLEXISEQ (FLEX一下)works and that it's perfectly safe to use.

Enjoy life to the fullest and feel great today with FLEXISEQ ( FLEX 一下)®

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