- Merlene Lam, 60

-  Merlene Lam, 60

"I must be an active person... I don't want to burden my children when I grow older"

Staying active is Mdm Merlene Lam's way of life. She starts her mornings with qigong, and enjoys moving around, engaging herself with volunteer services. "I must be an active person so that I can stay healthy and age gracefully. I don't want to burden my children when I get older," says a thoughtful Merlene. She ensures that she takes good care of her bones and joints, and for many years, she has been supplementing with calcium + Vit D, glucosamine and collagen.

2 years ago, both her knee caps were affected by soreness and pain every night. Being a massage therapist in the past, she massaged herself and had to put on knee guards in order sleep. Despite this, Merlene continued being active, but she is always on the look-out for solutions to help her knees. She read about Flexiseq in FB 3 months back and started applying it to her knees twice daily. In less than a week, she does not need her knee guards anymore. She is happy that she can continue staying engaged with people with greater confidence now. "Whenever I meet anyone with joint problem, I introduce Flexiseq to them."