- Bakhhtiar Gerrard Muhayat, 48

-  Bakhhtiar Gerrard Muhayat, 48

"It really works. Recommended by my childhood friend, my knees feel better now... Now I recommend to my family and other friends."

Bakhtiar Gerrard's job requires him to climb scaffolds, stairs and ladders. A year ago, at the age of 47, problem in both knees started. As much as he would like to ignore it, his condition increasingly affected his work and lifestyle. Going for casual walks with his family, an activity that he enjoyed, became less frequent because of his condition.

Few months back, through his childhood friend, Bakhtiar Gerrard learnt about a joint lubricant called FLEXISEQ. As he had tried a few types of applications before, he had doubt on its effectiveness. But as it was recommended by a trusted friend, he decided to give it a try. He was pleasantly surprised that he felt obvious difference after a week of twice daily application.

Being a good-natured person, Bakhtiar Gerrard thought about his mother-in-law, whom he will be traveling with in less than 2 months' time for their pilgrimage trip. She too had knee problems. He gave 2 tubes to her to use with the hope that her pilgrimage journey can be less burdened. Now that they are back from their trip, he is glad that he did so. With Father's Day approaching, Bakhtiar Gerrard will be giving Flexiseq to his father-in-law too.