What is SEQ Technology

Seq Technology is the revolutionary driving-force powering FLEXISEQ. Using Seq Technology, Flexiseq delivers key ingredients to where they need to go.

  • Effective Bio-lubricants

    Every tube of Flexiseq is packed with microscopic spheres called Sequessome vesicles. These vesicles have the optimal characteristics for the lubrication of joint cartilage.

  • Journey to the Joint

    After FLEXISEQ is applied to the skin, the water-based gel begins to dry which triggers the activity of the Sequessome vesicles contained within.

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  • Osteoarthritic Joint

    The Sequessome vesicles contained within the joint capsule are attracted to the cartilage and accumulate on the damaged cartilage surfaces creating a film of lubricating phospholipids.

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How to Apply

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from FLEXISEQ:

Apply twice daily to the affected joint. It is recommended that you apply FLEXISEQ in the morning and at night to skin that is clean and dry.

Use enough gel to cover the whole joint, For example, when treating the knee, we recommend using a gel length of around 7cm (roughly the length of a index finger).

It is important to allow FLEXISEQ to dry for 10mins. Do not rub. If drying time takes longer, just use a little less next time.


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FLEXISEQ has been awarded the Best Selling Joint Care Gel in Guardian Health & Beauty for the consecutive 2nd Year!



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