- Mdm Chua Gek Lan, 69

-  Mdm Chua Gek Lan, 69

"I have to climb the overhead bridge to go to the shopping complex to buy things. Recently, it became tiring and painful because of my joint problem... Now, I am happy that there is no more stress as I am relieved of my joint problem."

Mdm Chua Gek Lan, 69, does her grocery shopping in a shopping complex near her place. She goes through this routine for many years without much problem despite the need to climb the overhead bridge to and fro. It was only in recent months that this became a stressful task when her right knee and left ankle started giving her problem. She had on and off pain and she felt that her legs are somehow weakened. Walk up the stairs became tiring and painful. She tried using plasters and took glucosamine supplement but they had limited help.

Just a month back, Mdm Chua started applying Flexiseq gel twice daily to her knee and ankle. Two weeks after using Flexiseq, she was happy that she had totally no stress when going up and down the stairs during her routine grocery trips. After feeling the relief, she also started applying the gel to both her little fingers that are mildly osteoarthritic.

Now, 1 month after she started using Flexiseq, Mdm Chua is not only relieved from her knee and ankle problem, the swelling and discomfort in her little fingers had subsided as well. Encouraged by her own experience, she feels comfortable to recommend Flexiseq to her friends who are also having joint problems.