- Lim Siew Kim, 51

-  Lim Siew Kim, 51

"As an insurance agent who has been using public transport service for years, carrying my laptop and documents while taking public transport took a toil on my knees and wrist. I am happy that, now, with improvement in my joints, I can continue to actively meet my clients."

Lim Siew Kim, 51, an insurance agent, needs to constantly be on the move to meet her clients. For years, she has been boarding buses and trains lugging her heavy laptop and document bags with her. As time goes by, she started having slight pain and crackling sound in both knees when she walked up buses or stairs. Carrying her 'barang barang' became more tedious when her left wrist also started to ache. Moving around with joint pain made her job more physically demanding.

2 months back, through recommendation, Siew Kim started using Flexiseq Gel, after learning that it works as a joint lubricant and that it does not contain any pain-killer in it. After a month of application, she finds that her wrist got better, so carrying her bags is not so tedious now. The crackling sound in her knees has lessened too. She certainly feels less burdened now, and is happy that she can continue to actively meet her clients. "I have already recommended to a few of my colleagues to use for knee pain," commented Siew Kim.