- Jean, 28

-  Jean, 28

"I have been plus-size since young but I love doing sports. However, I often hurt my knee joints due to my heavier upper body. Now, I enjoy being able to do vigorous exercise with ease."

High Body Mass Index (BMI) is a known risk factor for knee osteoarthritis, and it is very common for those with joint problems within this group to be advised to bring down their body weight. But, increasing physical activities can be difficult because of the joint problem that has already set in.

Jean is determined to manage her BMI through exercising, which is something that she enjoyed. However, she started experiencing constant crackling sound and signs of weakened knees at a young age of 20. So, while she works on high intensive training with her personal trainer, she deals with her knee problem with constant visits to TCM massages and adjustments.

Now, with regular joint lubrication, Jean is able to enjoy her exercise with greater ease. Through her friend's recommendation, she discovered this joint lubricant called Flexiseq. Regular application has helped reduce her joint discomfort and gives her confidence to continue managing her weight through proper guided workout. "I strongly recommend anyone with joint pain," says Jean.