- Fandi Ahmad, 53

-  Fandi Ahmad, 53

"At 53, I want to stay active. With Flexiseq, I am able to play a full 90 minutes with my ex-national team."
(Home-grown legendary footballer)

Passion for football remains deep for Singapore's football legend, Fandi Ahmad. To him, football is for life. " You learn discipline, self-motivation and many other things.”

To ensure that he can continue to do want he likes and wants to do, staying fit and healthy is of primary importance to Fandi. “I used to have pain in my knees and ankles too due to injuries from years of football. Now, my joint problems are reduced because of FLEXISEQ."

After Fandi started lubricating his knees with FLEXISEQ, he could regain playing full games again. FLEXISEQ is a drug-free gel that, by simply applying 7cm of it around the affected joint twice a day, can deliver lubricant into the joint to lubricate the surface of the joint cartilage.

 "FLEXISEQ helps to lubricate my knee cartilage, if there is no lubricant, it will rub againsteach other. It is drug-free, so I don't have to worry about using it for long term. I want to stay fit through exercise for as long as I can becauseI don't want to be taken care of by others; I do not want to be a burden to my family."

(Home-grown legendary footballer)